Friday, March 12, 2010

From Nancy in Colorado

Again - please use your imagination - and pretend this is Thursday evening - alright? We had our Dress rehearsal last night, and tho we should have been home by 9.... that was NOT the case (grin)
Nancy over in Ft Collins met me last year when I attended a meeting of the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters guild. It is a great guild, and very very artistic. I was able to tell them about Quilts of Valor, and a few folks jumped in to help. Nancy was one of them.
She made all 5 of these quilts, and they are quilted and ready to go. Very beautiful!!

I especially love the coin type quilts with the Friendship stars interspersed. I think they all are lovely.
Thank you Nancy for all your hard work!!


Jan Mac said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. I've just been given lots of strips which will make Chinese Coins and I love the stars in the strips.
Jan Mac

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully beautiful! You have great friends and the best eye candy Alycia!!

Shari from AZ currently in AL