Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 Inaugeral Warrior Games QOV's

2010 Warrior Games –
In May of 2010 over 200 Wounded Warriors will come to Colorado Springs to Compete in the Inaugural Warrior Games. This is the first year they are holding the games, and they are inviting military from all service branches.

These are some press releases to let you know more about what the games are. This way I don’t say the same thing – and get it wrong.

I have been asked to help coordinate the delivery of 200 Quilts of Valor to this event, to get one out to each service member competing in the games. Wouldn’t this be really cool? I mean – we sometimes have to work really hard to get QOV’s to the appropriate soldiers, and get thru the proper channels. Yet this time, they want us, and are working with us to get our quilts to these soldiers.

I know many of you are already involved in QOV, and have heard from me about our Warriors in Transition unit, and here I am back again. I am hoping you still want to listen. This is a great opportunity to show service members from all branches, wounded service members – that we, as a grateful nation, are appreciative of what they have done. That we are proud of them for the progress and accomplishments they have made, even through their injuries, and that we would like to offer them our thanks.

So I am asking again – for you to get involved. I am asking for you to help make this a possibility for these service members. I, of course, will be quilting away as best I can to offer quilts to this project as well. Our chaplains are excited to see that we are willing to extend our beautiful creations to these participants in the Warrior Games.

Here are the Requirements:
Quilt Size – Minimum 50 x 60, Maximum 72 x 90
Machine Quilted preferably – either by Long-arm, or DSM
Need to be to me by May 1st 2010

How to get involved:
· First – if you can provide a completed quilt – AWESOME!! Send it on and then watch for it on my blog.
· Second – do you have a top that you think would fit the bill but need it quilted? You can go to and request a Long Armer and they will set you up with a Longarm Volunteer. Please include the backing, binding and top and send it on. When the volunteer LA’er is finished they can send it on to me, and we will bind it and get it ready. Wouldn’t this be a good way to get some of your UFO’s finished and provide comfort and honor to a wounded soldier? And then of course – watch for it on my blog.
· Third – Start talking this up to all of your quilting friends. Maybe they have been looking for a project to get involved with – and this is it!
If you are looking for some quilting patterns that will make up a nice Quilt of Valor – I have 3 on my blog.
These are some from other sites that I just LOVE:

Thank you SO much for listening and I hope to hear from you soon!

P.S Please click on the email me link at the side to get my address.


Anonymous said...

How cool is this!?! Awesome.

Okay, I will dig around in my UFOs and see if I can come up with another QOV. No guarantees....but we will see!


Dara in Iowa said...

I just sent off five to SueW in in Chapel Hill for the WTB (well, four are good, one is iffy...) so if you contact her, you could have those for this.

Linda in TX said...

Ok - I have two completely completed ones coming to you this week and I'll get right on more. Great cause! Thanks for doing this Alycia!

Linda in TX

mkhquilts said...

I have one finished that I planned on sending your way next week.
Mary H

Sherrill said...

I've got one already that a friend gave to me to send and will collect a couple or three more from my church group. These will be completed and ready to roll! Thanks Alycia! You are the WOMAN!

Janice said...

After reading your site I figured I'd better ask. As I noticed all weren't RWB. Do the quilts need to be only in R/W/B? I'd like to help out but want to make sure of the colors you want. And do you need a case to be sent with each one.
Thanks for your time. Lady

Mary Johnson said...

I posted the request on the Heartstrings site and linked back to your post.

I'll look to see what I have here that is done or can be finished in addition to the 3 I mentioned sending the other day. Hopefully I can find at least a couple more.

Sallie said...

I have one of bonnie's Bricks and sepping stones in RWB in progress. I'll finish it and get it to you already quilted before May.

Anonymous said...

I want to say a very "heart felt" THANK YOU for my quilt. I was one of the participants and received and beautiful pink quilt. I will be sending a thank you not to the creator of my quilt. It has been laying over my comfortable since I came home from the games. Thanks Again, MSgt Kim, Ret USAF.