Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdays additions

My youngest son had a birthday today - I told him not to do it - but he insisted on getting older.... so we had a little play time. I am blaming him for only nine quilt pictures for today!!
The first three on the right came from the SECOND HUGE box that the Indian Creek Quilters in Florida sent to me for the Warrior Games.
They are gorgeous. The quilting in the one with the red borders has words in it. The bottom says Thank you. Its wonderful!

These Three on the left also came from the Indian Creek Quilters. I think that must be a Very Very Busy group!!

Then the Three in the center. They came from Jane D in CT. I also showed you three of her quilts in a previous post. Jane - you do GOOD work!

These Warrior are not going to know what to think of these beautiful Creations.
Today was the first day that no boxes came to me, it was kind of lonely ( giggle) I wonder if the carriers missed me?
Take Care you all - my sons birthday cake is done.....

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