Monday, March 22, 2010

more Quilts of Valor for the Warrior Games

Whoa Doggies - are you all keeping my Post office people hopping! Bet ya never thought about that did you? I have my OWN shelf at the post office - how cool is that!!
Here are the latest quilts that have arived for the Warrior Games. All I can say is AWESOME.
The first quilt on the left came from Jody and the Bingham Ladies Fellowship in Nebraska. Thanks ladies!

The next two come from Linda A in Texas. She read my blog about the games and finished up these two quilts. Linda - They are beautiful., I especially love the border with the gold around it. That had to be time consuming!!

This one with the yellow ribbon - comes from the Reverse Curves Quilters in New York. It is fabulous!

These Next Two quilts come from Jill K - and I forgot to write down where she is from - but she is AWESOME! These quilts -oh boy - you gotta know that I LOVE seeing all the beauties that everyone comes up with. And these totally fit that category.

I just imagine the looks on the service peoples faces when they get a good look at their Quilts of Valor.

Thank you all so much for your hard work!!

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