Wednesday, July 03, 2013

7/3 Independence Day Quilt of Valor Show

We were up and out early this morning for a Swim meet, and I saw the sunrise....  Pretty spectacular!! Almost like fireworks!

Are you ready for some Quilty Inspiration for this week?   We had a QOV sew day last Sunday ( I think it was) - and we finished a bajallion quilts.... okay maybe 15 - but in my world - that is a Bajallion.....

Here are some of them:

My local Quilt Guild - Pieceable Friends Quilt Guild does a Block of the Month. Each month a different charity is chosen, and I think January was Quilts of Valor - this is one of the tops ( completely quilted and bound too!)

 And here is the second one!!!   I love string quilts - and these turned out so great!!

The next one was pieced by Denise V in Denver, and Quilted by Dawna S in Thornton.

I love this quilting pattern!! I am pretty sure it is Simply Squared designed by Dawna herself!!

This beautiful top was pieced and quilted by Liz... the top is really great - but the quilting.... Oh la la

 Check out the Custom quilting in the open spaces!!

 And the back!!! Isn't that amazing?

 This quilt was pieced by Michelle F - in Colorado Springs. Liz Quilted it - I am so tickled with the way it turned out!!

 Check out the Fussy cut on this block!!

This next top is From Lori M - she is in my heartstrings quilt group - and it was quilted by Liz!

The stars are really neat in this block!

This is a quilt top pieced by my Miracles ladies - they are so awesome - again - quilted by Liz!

And one of our block drive quilts!!! I just love how all these blocks came from all over and made these beautiful quilts. Liz quilted this one too!!!  ( I am keeping Liz - none of you can have her!)

This quilt was pieced by Connie and Kathy - the infamous duo - who keep me on my toes!!
Judy P of Denver quilted it - she did a wonderful job!!

I am pretty sure that Agnes pieced this top, but I am embarrassed to say, the tag dissappeared.....

It was also quilted by Judy P... fabulous!!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July - be kind to everyone, you never know what those fireworks do to different people. And have a great week!!


Mollie said...

They all look great Alycia, have a wonderful Holiday!

Unknown said...

I always look forward to these quilt shows, Alycia. Beautiful work, quilters!

Tami C said...

These are some wonderful quilts and they're just in time for our country's anniversary. Have a great holiday.

phxquilt said...

Another great QOV show Alycia!

Enjoy the holiday with your guys...and thank you and your friends for all you do to honor our troops.

3 kats and a kwiltr said...

Love, love. love the show this time! A great big thank you to each of the ladies that did this week's quilts...I have a top here that's been sitting for a while. Might be a good day to get it pin-basted and work on some quilting!
Anna in IL

Bonnie said...

I enjoy seeing all the styles of these quilts. Hey, did I see one of my blocks in one of those quilts? Cool. Nice job.

Kate said...

More gorgeous quilts! It would be hard to pick just one!

Marilyn said...

The quilts are beautiful and such an inspiration. Happy 4th of July

Terri said...

Thanks for the show! Really a great bunch. I especially love the stripy one that has hs triangle setting blocks with the stripy ones. It's a good design.
Happy 4th.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I am SO behind! I truly love these quilts, but, I love that string/hst quilt! What a great idea!