Monday, February 08, 2016

National QOV Sew Day in Colorado

Oh my Gosh!!! If you follow Quilts of Valor on Facebook you will ( or would have) seen a gazillion quilt photos for Saturday and Sunday!! IT! WAS! AWESOME!!!

And here is Colorado - I think there were NO slackers!!

In Greeley ( that's my group)  we had about 35 Quilters show up - we even had the Local 4H make an appearance!!  6 kids and their adults showed up to sew too!

We Did QOV sew day Italian Style and made Lasagna Quilts, while the 4H'ers worked on assembling some of our block drive blocks into tops:  want to see????

Here is a quilt in progress ( above)
And our first prize pack winner.She answered the toughest question of all 
What is your favorite soda?
Vicki Welsh graciously donated 4 stash packs of her handdyes and !!!  Oh goodness - were they coveted!!

And (below)
Our first finished top of the day
She also won a prize pack!!

Our first person to finish step 1 - although pictured - is her whole quilt
But she won a stash pack too!

And the crazy group
( tee hee - just kidding ladies- you know I love you!)
Another stash pack winner in this photo too, on the right)

And Ta-da!
Total - we made 18 Quilt tops
and then I got mine half done.... so really 19 

A special Shout out To Northcott Fabrics too!
They helped us out with our Patriotic Fabric Supply 
And WOW!! Their Patriotic Fabrics are Superb!!!!

Here are 2 of our 3 4-H teams
Mom and Sons and Their Quilt

And Mom and Daughters and their quilt!!!
It was fun to have them - 
they didn't think we were TOO crazy!

Over on the Western edge of the State - 11 Quilters got together and stitched up these Beauties!
Looks to me like 10 quilts at least!

In the Southern Part we had the Fremont Victory Quilters stitching away, and in Buena Vista Linda was a piecing... 5 tops!!!..... and even in Boulder - I think they finished 1, and in Denver Cathy and her friends pieced 2 tops!!! - I think Colorado had a good day ;-)

I know Judy V was piecing, and many others who haven't bragged yet ( BUT THEY SHOULD)

So at least 36 Quilts of Valor got their start and/or Debut on Saturday!!!!

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Barob Book Blog said...

Bravo Colorado!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I've noticed that since so many quilters are making patriotic quilts for donation that it's hard to find good prices on those fabrics. So it's good that Northcott Fabrics helped out. You all did good!

The Joyful Quilter said...

I've never heard of a Lasagna Quilt. Is is just a "Jelly Roll" quilt done with wider strips and several rounds of borders? Colorado was WELL represented on QOV Day... Nice work, Quilters!!!

Cathy Dimmick said...

Ok, I'm bad. I put our info on the Fremont Victory Quilters fb site ... Sorry Alycia. We had 20 ladies show up for a chili day.n Tem crock pots of chili, condiments and desserts proved we can cook as well as we sew. 🍲 We had kits prepared by Denise H (😍) and 8 new quilts were started. We turned in 6 completed quilts that day too. We had a lesson on backing preparation for longarm quilting by Regina B😇 And honored 3 veterans while we were at it, keeping us reminded of why we do what we do. Our motto is: Don't forget to sew in the love!!❤️

LizA. said...

Looks like you guys sure had a lot of fun.

Laura M said...

My QOV group leader and I love the lasagna quilt pattern. We used the Jelly Roll Race pattern at our marathon for a few years and are looking for an alternative - is there a specific pattern for a lasagna quilt? Or can you share your alterations to the base pattern?

Lynette said...

Hey! You're not so very far from me - down here in Monument. I've had fun scrolling through your latest posts. The QOV sew-in looks like it was a lot of fun and very productive. Your photography bits are fabulous. And I love the tones of your Allietare. Nice February choice. :)

phxquilt said...

Well done Colorado!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

Looks like you ladies had a fun filled day! And for a great cause too. Thanks for all the great pics and for sharing on MCM!

Kate said...

Congrats on a great effort! Looks like lots of very diligent stitching was going on.