Wednesday, June 05, 2013

June 5th Quilt of Valor Show

Todays show is a little smaller - only because I would like more time in the day! And of course - we all would - wouldn't we?

Judy - over at Patchworktimes issued a 2013 QOV challenge -

For every three finished QOV's you send to Alycia, your name will go into a drawing.  On December 31, 2013, there will be three drawings, each to receive a $100 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop. When sending in your quilts for this challenge, please be sure to include your name, email, and that you are a reader!

I am keeping track, and there will be three lucky winners!  I am so excited!!!

The first three quilts come from Karen A in OK.  She is amazing!! And she is a new long arm quilter~ doing a fabulous job!

Isn't this a cool pattern? Of course, when I opened it, we were working on Geometry - so I immediately thought of math!  She made two of these.

Now the colors on this one - oh my! So striking!! The black around each row ( round?) really makes those colors pop!

And the second of the math quilts!

This next gorgeous quilt comes from the Simpson Baptist Women's Missionar Group and was quilted by Judith F in Illinois!  

I have been working on organizing my photos  and look what I found.
My littlest cowboy after a long day's work.
I used to wish I could sleep like that! 
Thanks all for stopping by! Hope you loved today's quilts!!


Unknown said...

WOW ! I just love the colors in the square, if I wasn't so miter impaired I'd be sure to make one.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

I love seeing the pictures of the quilts. Everyone does a fantastic job and they are all so different. However, I really enjoy seeing your pictures of your family. The one you posted today is absolutely adorable. If only we could keep the kids this size!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the last one best! Cherish this one. so precious.Darlene

lisa0116 said...

Love them all but really like the multi colored one and how they used up scraps. If you look closely, there are different reds in the red square and the same for all the colors. Fabulous job folks!

Lynn Douglass said...

What lovely quilts! My old guild used to do QOV for our local soldiers, and they were very adamant that they all had to be red/white/blue. Though it's a striking combination, I like that you take any color combination!

Love your littlest cowboy picture. How blessed you are!

Kevin the Quilter said...

These are cool! Especially the rainbow one!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts! Cute picture. Sometimes I wonder why they have to grow up. Of course that's probably because now that mine is 14, I'm not waking up for 4 AM feedings.