Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12th Quilts of Valor show

It has come to my attention that I have not shown you some of the recipients of our beautiful Quilts of Valor... So I am going to remedy that Right. Now!

These are two soldiers from our Warriors in Transition Battalion. And two QOV Angels!
I believe this QOV was made by Denise V ( but if I am wrong don't withhold the chocolate okay?)

I think this quilt was made by Judy V.
This soldier was in processing. This means he was just coming into the battalion from being down-range. He was so shocked to have us there at his appointments - and to be hugged with a quilt.
He smiled!

These two girls are just so sweet.
I get asked all the time whether the girls prefer really feminine QOV's or not - 
So here ya go.... sort of, but not really, and not all the time
( nice answer huh?)

I believe this quilt was made by Jan O
It was a little larger than most, and since LTC has 2 boys,
we thought that would be great for snuggling!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing where the Beautiful Quilts of Valor go!
Happy Quilting!!!


Gypsy Quilter said...

Wonderful! Inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

I always love to see those smiles: thanks to all who made them possible.

JL said...

Thank you for all you do Alycia. These pictures always bring a smile.

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise to see a picture of my quilt and its recipient! I hope LTC and his boys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed piecing it. Please give them my best and thank him for his service for me. - Jan O in St. Louis

phxquilt said...

Another great quilt show...and smiles too! Thanks everyone.

Kevin the Quilter said...

How touching, and inspiring as always!

Kate said...

It's so nice to see the smiles! You do such great work with the QOVs.