Friday, June 28, 2013

Roping the day away

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Warning... this is a picture laden post.... and.... it's not about quilting... at all ;-)

Our email and servers changed Computery type stuff, so all computer work was off... and it was HOT....
 H. O. T. Hot... 

and we just couldn't take it anymore. So we loaded up and headed over to my Sister in Law's place . They have trees, and water, and calves and 2 more boys!

A horse ;-)

Wrangler Man - I love this mare... she is always on Full Alert
No matter what!!!

They also have clouds.... I like clouds!

These are the babies.
They are really growing.

We decided to practice a little calf roping.
Little bit - he doesn't like the dust.
And of course, it is quite dusty out here.

This horse ( below) was Wrangler Mans horse in College!
Mostly Little Bit rides him now.
He still has it!!! I love this horse!

This is my nephews horse.
I think he is three. 
He is out of the same mare that my brown mare is from.
I think that makes them half horse siblings?

Wrangler Man. ( and the Brown mare)

He's still awesome.
And totally swoon worthy!

I know this is kind of out of focus - but I loved how the sun was setting behind us.
I swear it cooled down another 10 degrees.

Hello.... anyone want to feed me?

I only have about 50 more pictures, but I didn't want you to take too long of a quilting break! Or Working break. 


Terri said...

How fun to just take off and go riding (and roping).

Tami C said...

I loved all your horsey pictures! It reminds me of times that I spent with my sister-in-law. I helped her look for her home that had plenty of room for her animals. She ended up having several horses, a pony, 3 collies, 2 inside cats and a load of barn cats. She lost her fight with breast cancer 7 years ago. I haven't seen or been around horses since then. She really loved horses and had grown up with them.

Amy said...

Oh Alycia! "Thou shall not covet....", but girl! Your place and land and horses and family.... it truly is a picture right out of my girls' dreams!

Thanks for sharing your amazing day away from quilting :)

Kate said...

Love your pictures. I'm extremely allergic to horses, I can't ride without ending up really sick. I love to watch them, they are such beautiful creatures.

LynneP said...

What a wonderful life filled with so many blessings!