Friday, June 07, 2013


I admit - I get distracted easily...
and we have been SO. CRAZY. BUSY!!! 

My oldest son decided that it was high time he graduated....

That's him in the blue.

And then we went to all of these awesome graduation parties - 
and the moms!! They were so amazing - they had these amazing scrapbooks
and these great pictures, and they were so organized.

I went home and checked out my scrap books... I had one page done 
- of the oldests' first birthday
and then
I put it all back in the buckets.  ( sounds like I have Photo UFO's now too)
Because our party was later - I thought! ( see one should just never think!!)
I could gather a few photos
and then I realized I had CD's

and anyways
look what I found

My baby - probably just shy of 2?

And then the first group of kids I ever taught to quilt
My baby is the boy kneeling on the far right side, in the grey shirt.
this is 5th grade ( 2005)

 And a musicaal!
The two oldest boys were in this play - and the middle one is there in the Navy Lettermans jacket
he was sooo cute ;-)

And then I found this!
My Brother and his wife are on the left with there 2 kids
and of course me and my three.

We haven't seen my brother for ages!! 

This photo really distracted me!
Our house was SO! EMPTY!!!

After looking at some of these - I cleaned.
That was a real sneaky way to get me to spring clean!!

( and three bags of usable stuff went to our church's love closet!)
Oh yes - that is Wrangler man - the 5 kids wrestled him to the ground!

One year the Christmas tree selection was a little sad.
So we went tumbleweed shopping - out our back door.
we got 5 or 6 tumbleweeds and made our own tree,
It was a blast!
We had to make all the ornaments, cuz our normal ones were too heavy!

Of course - while digging - I found one of me.
It is sort of funny...
I normally run from cameras, or would rather be the one shooting.

The memories... and the changes in my kiddos - Holy Cow!!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Do I hear Barbara Streisand in the background singing " the corners of my mind." Congrats grad!

Kate said...

Fun pictures. It's amazing how the time gets away from you sometimes. My kiddo had eighth grade graduation for which the parents do a slide show featuring each of the graduates. Searching for photos was lots of fun and brought back lots of memories.

Ranch Wife said...

This post just makes me grin! I love photos from 'back in the day'. I've been reminiscing too. Had to pull out the scrap books for a post I am writing for next week and I got caught up in all the stories and pictures. Sigh. Like you, I'm not in many photos. I love that one of you!

barbara woods said...

one year my son was going to get me a tree , came home with a backless one so we pushed it against the wall and decorated it any way because it was christmas eve

Tami C said...

It's wonderful when your first one graduates. I'm sure you just loved it! Great pictures. Congratulations!

LizA. said...

What a fun trip down memory lane! You can possibly be old enough to have a kid graduating from high school!! Love that last picture of you.....