Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines day Quilt of Valor Show

Well Kind of - this is a last minute reminder - in case you forgot tomorrow was Valentines day, and you needed to Say Happy Valentines day to someone.... just in case, cuz as you know I. Would. Never. Forget, except for that one time....

The first three quilts today are quilted by Sue S in Colorado

 This one was made completely start to finish by Sue..... I Love Bear Paws!

This one was quilted by Sue, but the Miracles group in Denver made it.... LOVE!

Another one made by Miracles and quilted by Sue. I like the green tossed in with this one!

Sue always pieces her backs! I LOVE them .

The next 4 come from the Amelia Island Quilters
They are so lovely!!!

 This one really catches your eye - doesn't it?

This is the back of the one above... i love it!!

Looks like they tried the jelly roll race too!

This beauty comes from Ruth C in GA 
The appliqued stars.... Brilliant!!!

Hope you all are having a quilty week!
Thanks for stopping by!


Gypsy Quilter said...

What a great group of quilts for a lucky group of soldiers. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

All the quilts are wonderful, but I'm in love with those bear paws!

Bonnie said...

Great quilts. The last one looks like one from Quiltmakers magazine. The Scrap Squad made that one with lots of different things scattered over the top. Nice quilts ladies.

Rhonda said...

Great quilts. Love the one with the bull's eye square in the center and the one with stars all over!!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts! I could not pick a favorite. How the soldiers decide in one is a mystery.

Pat R. said...

The weekly Quilts of Valor quilt show is always mind boggling!! Beautiful quilts!!!