Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More QuiltCon Quilts

I just want to make a quick clarification, I did not yell at the gate agents -that was another person. I am a pilot, I respect their decisions, and I would much prefer to wait on the ground, than circle in the air - hoping for a dry spot to land...

More QuiltCon Photos:

Time Travel by Barb Forrester

From One Color to another
by Mary Langenberg

Apeeling Rainbow
by Jen Eskridge

Orange Trails
by Leila Gardunia

Curried Plums
by Debbie Grifta 

A close up of Curried Plums

Techno Flakes
by Amy Ellis 

Log Cabin Improv
by Sherri Lynn Wood

by Lauren Hawley

Enjoy!! We are off to drive a little bit in the snow! We haven't had many snow storms here lately and I think we have got a little lazy in our snow planning... So... off we go to practice :-)


Cheryl said...

I am more a traditional quilter...but I sure enjoyed looking at these modern quilts. The names are quirky and make me smile. Striking and beautiful.

Amy said...

I love these pics. thank you for sharing.

Kevin the Quilter said...

These are some more awesome quilts! Thanks for the eye candy!

Kate said...

Fun quilts. Love all the bold color. Thanks for sharing.