Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Is anyone heading to QuiltCon?  



(okay - we just watched Ferris Bueller - so you know, ask that in that cranky teachers voice!)

I will be at QuiltCon!!!

Come and see me, I will be in booth 308, not wearing red, orange, or any other bright color - so that when I turn bright red, it won't be as obvious.... *sigh*

But I am excited!! I will try to share photos here and on my facebook page... I really will -


Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

Are you a blusher?

Andi said...

Lucky you! When we win the lottery, I will be able to attend all the fun quilt events, lol.

Patricia said...

What is quiltcon??

Nina said...

I wish...... too bad that Alaska is so far away from all the cool Quilt Happenings.