Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ranch Kids

What happens when you get 5 Ranch kids together in an arena?  With horses, 4 wheelers, Steers and calves?

A ton of laughs, a ton of pictures, and a LOT of dirt... probably more than a ton!!

Meet Flip - the wonder steer...being pulled by the 4 wheeler. This is a great way to teach the younger horses, or horses that have never roped what it feels like to catch something. Of course when your white horse lived in the mountains before he came to the plains, and lives in the middle of nowhere... he is not so sure about the motor sounds....

Two runs and he was all over that Flip the wonder steer!!

Little bit and Mac... Mac the horse is a roping fool - he sure does love his job!!

Middle bit - not only can he ride ^
He LOVES the 4 wheeler  

Wrangler Man... he is a kid at heart!! Loving every minute of this time!

the kiddo in the background is one of my nephews - the kid can rope! and Ride!
He was training on a 4 year old horse and doing an amazing job!
He has always been good with horses, but its really fun to watch him take it to the next level!

When the horses needed a break - the kids took to foot!!
Nuts if you ask me - but they had a blast.....

Then Wrangler Man got involved.. apparently the nephews have been waiting for him to do a little Bull ( steer) riding... can you imagine?

Here he is getting the other nephew ready to roll!

 They all loved it - laughing the whole time - crazy kids!!

Then the men got down to some big boy roping... so much fun!!

And to keep this a little quilty -
altho the picture is upside down....

A big bag of scraps - strings - in patriotic colors
If you want them - let me a comment
If there is more than one of you that wants them
I will do a drawing Sunday night - so I can pop them in the mail Monday!!

PS Kevin in MO won the scraps 
Thanks for commenting


heather said...

My horses loved working cattle. I never roped though. I always figured I would get the horse all tangled up.

Judy V. from Thornton, CO said...

Count me in for the scraps. There is enever enough, lol.

Looks like a grand Saturday afternoon for your boys!

Amy said...

I laughed at the captions of the Wrangler man pictures! Goodness, wish I could have witnessed all of that; it certainly does sound like it was a day of fun!!!!

Thanks for offering up the strings to your readers; count me in for the drawing too!

Harriett said...

Looks like everyone was having a great time. Count me in for the drawing too.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I am new to your blog, but, thoroughly enjoy your posts. You and your family live a life I have dreamed of living for quite some time! Those scraps are screaming to be made into a QOV! I would love to be part of the drawing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the roping/steer riding pics. What a hoot! I bet that was a fantastically fun afternoon...LOL. We just got a 15-year old rope/ranch gelding for Munchie and I am totally in LOVE with him! He is wonderful!

Love the pictures and stories!

Don't put me in the drawing for the scraps...would love to have them but no time to work on them, so get them to someone who can do something with them now!


Anonymous said...

Count me in. Just can't get enough cowboy pictures or scraps. Hoping to win. You are one remarkable cowgirl and quilter.

Sandi T.

Sandi in Vermont said...

I like to check out your blog both
to see what people are doing for
QOV and see what your family is up
to. Please enter me in your
scraps drawing. Thanks