Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday QOV Show

For this show we head off to quilter in California!!! Meredith and Friends are very prolific quilters, and have wonderful taste in fabrics... someday I am going to go shopping with them!!

This first quilt comes from Pat and Friends in Corona - they did this quilt as a Round Robin Quilt - Cool effect huh? And it was quilted by Ron Olsen in New Mexico - which means we searched for a patriotic symbol on the back!!!

There it is!!!

The DNP was made by Linda L 

This one with all the planes was made by Sandy K - Our family has had a fascination with planes for forever - someday I'll dig up my old pilot pics and you can laugh at us - but this quilt kind of made me nostalgic!!

The next two quilts were made by Trilogy Quilters

Check out that Purple Print - at first we thought it was zebra stripes - could be right?

 Check out the back of this one. I love the top - and the quilting just enhances it!

These last two were made by Meredith and Quilted by Ron!!

Thank you all so much!! These quilts will be well loved and appreciated!! 


Nancy said...

Great job, ladies!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts!