Monday, May 28, 2012

My Big Board and Storage

I feel like a rock star!! So many of you asked about my storage units. First they were from Home Depot - they are the Martha Stewart Collection in the storage area of Home Depot.

Martha Stewart Living 36 in. White Stackable 9-Cube Organizer - is the one on the left

And the 6 cube one is the one on the right - they are 36 inches high - which - If you remember I am 5'10" , and with my shoes on am closer to 5'11"  - so this is a great height for me!!

So the total length of the cubbies is 5 ft...  I had Wrangler Man measure the area that I sew in - its about 8 ft, by 8 ft, by 10 foot. There is a diagonal couch that I hide behind. Mind you  - this does not include my fabric - that is downstairs next to my Long arm machine.

I always thought I would want to sew downstairs, but since my family resides mostly upstairs, as well as the kitchen ( and I am the cook), and the laundry room, and the TV, I think I get more Sewing done up here.

Hope this answers all the questions... that was sure fun!!!


Judy said...

What is laying across the top as your ironing surface? This really looks great!

Judy said...

What is laying across the top as your ironing surface? This really looks great!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Well you ARE a rock star but not just because of your ironing station! Celebrating you today too as we celebrate those who serve our nation! Thank you for sharing the details of your new storage space - I'm excited - we have a Home Depot in town! I'm heading there tomorrow to mail packages to our boy and a buddy of his and I'll stop in and pick a couple of these up if they have them in stock. Thank you!

Dirt Road Quilter said...
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Pat R. said...

That looks great!! You will really enjoy your pressing/ironing area!

Andee said...

I loved it so much I made one too..posting about it on my blog tonight..thanks for the great idea!