Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From Jill in NJ

This quilt is really cool. I always have trouble setting quilts on point. It is harder for me to "see" as I am laying them out. Jill obviously does NOT have that problem. She did a wonderful job.
Thanks so much Jill!
I think this week is slipping away a lot faster that I want it to. I know we went to Church and a birthday party Sunday, Basketball and 4-H on Monday, Basketball games and a swim awards deal tuesday (oh and I spent the early day in Denver) and now it is Wednesday and I am not where I thought I would be on my to - do list! I better get cracking.... I should probably start with getting the kids to school... *grin*


swooze said...

That quilt really did turn out great. I never would have thought to set something like that on point.

Anonymous said...


I'm Jill from NJ. I won some of the blocks in this quilt from a guild block raffle(Court House Quilters, Frenchtown, NJ--the blocks are Court House Steps). When I hung them on the design wall---they just did nothing for me---so I flipped 'em! Even though setting them in is a bit more work, the end result is a lot more pleasing to the eye. The trick is to cut the set-in triangles larger than you calculate. Once you've put all the blocks together, you'll have a little to trim off---but you'll never have to stretch anything to make it work.

Alycia--I so admire this project. I've made and quilted several QOVs, and believe so much in this cause. I'll hopefully have more coming your way!

Jill Kerekes