Thursday, October 09, 2008

From Jane in Indiana

From Jane:
"I've sent quilts to Walter Reed in the past, but as I said, these two were waiting for those dratted pillowcases. My sister and I pieced these at a mystery quilt workshop with the Bloomington Quilters Guild, and we both decided that they should go to QOV. I hope to be able to send more at some point, but it seems we are deluged with causes that need quilts. In Bloomington we are building a place called Jill's House which will provide lodging for families of patients undergoing cancer therapy at a facility run by Indiana University."
She is awful busy quilting for lots of folks in need - I sure apprecate you sending these quilts our way. And I have the perfect pillowcases for them - Not to worry!!
Thanks Jane!

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marilyn said...

Love that pattern, could you share?