Monday, October 06, 2008

Friday Fun

Well on Friday, the 5th grade kids began sewing. We had a lot of fun. Two groups got all of their blocks sewn, so we made pretty good progress. Only a few had to be seam ripped and started over again - so I was really impressed!
We first practiced by sewing a string block together. I had decided that if they could practice on bigger peices it would give them a feel for the block pieces. I also stole Suzanne E's idea and drew the seam allowances on the string block - so they followed the line. She did this for her sons earlier in the summer and it sounded good to me!

When it came to sewing the real pieces - they did awesome!! They had the straight line idea down!
I think everyone was pretty proud of themselves! And they should be. We only sewed from 8 to 12 and accomplished alot!
For the rest of my Friday and today I finished quilting 2 QOV's - so I get to add them to the finished column. No pics - but they are going to be bound on Wed - so I will wait till then.
Have a good one!

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Stephanie D said...

That's awesome, Alycia! I'm also impressed by the sewing machines.

When people send you tops for QOV, do they sandwich them first?
After you quilt them, then what? Does it go back to the sender for binding? Or do you bind it or have people who only do bindings?
Do only groups send you tops or do single persons?