Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finished QOV's

These were all sent to me as tops and now they are quilts! And I have pictures to prove it...
The first two were quilted by Liz D. in Thornton. She has a statler - and does good work!! She is also a certified statler teacher - so if you want more info - I know how to hook you up!
Next the Dissapearing Nine Patch was quilted by Kathleen way down in Canon City. I am not sure what she quilts on ( I forgot to ask) but she put eagles and flags in the quilting - very nice! The quilting really brought out the reason for Quilts of Valor!
The last two were done by this crazy lady in Kersey. The far left top was made by Renee and was a quilt of valor mystery group quilt. The one on the right was another mystery from the same group and made by the Past President of my quilt guild.
I sure appreciated the help quilters - our numbers are growing and the quilts are so lovely. Every one has really worked hard for this. - Enjoy the pictures!

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