Saturday, October 18, 2008

The day that got away

Yesterday my Husband and Oldest son were planning on heading up to the mountains, Maybe do a little hiking and a little hunting. As they got there the transmission went out on the vehicle - so while they were still in cell phone range they called me and my other two sons for a rescue. Of course it was 8 in the morning as they had left at 4am!


So we gathered a few things up and headed up the mountain. They were near my parents house so I had grabbed a bag of fabric and a pattern or two. We got them rescued and then went in my parents house. They of course, were not there.... so we took over the WHOLE place.

I don't know if you remember but this summer I got my Mom hooked on quilting. So on her table was a cutting mat, and the iron was set up in the hallway, and her machine was even out. I was kind of like Little Red Riding hood - I had to test which cutting mat to use, and the iron settings.... and even the machine ( shhh don't tell her!) I can totally see the benefit of two quilters in the family now ;-)

While the two smallish boys played legos I cut out a Queen Sized quilt and even finished sewing Step 1. I have no clue how many steps there are, nor do I care, but I was tickled to get that far.

When they first had called I was so dissappointed - I had plans to finishing quilting the quilt on my frame, Start a QOV being quilted, put some borders on another quilt, and make a backing for a quilt that I am making for a friend... but the car changed all those plans - and I am still happy!!!
The rest of our week consisted of a football game - did you see the little heisman trophy run from littlest Dude?
And a swim championship.... it was a long day but an awesome meet - biggest dude did VERY VERY well. I just might keep them both!

Okay - gotta go make up for lost time - the list from yesterday is still beckoning...
I'll be back...


Stephanie D said...

Bummer on the transmission, but hurray for a great save! By everyone, dudes included!

Roxanne said...

How great that you were able to salvage your day!

I know how you feel about leaving that longarm, though. It's pretty addicting. :)