Tuesday, October 14, 2008

QOV Statistics

Many of you have emailed privately asking for statistics so far... so I thought I would make a short post and tell you where we are at and what we have...

Total QOV's ready to go : 137
Female Quilts: 26
Pillowcases needed : 36

They say that the soldier wounded ratio is 1 female to every 10 men - so it looks like we are on a good track. Based on my experiences the women appreciate Patriotic quilts as much as the men - so I think we are on a good roll.... I sure appreciate everyones efforts and all the questions and the warm hearted "keep it ups" .

Now I gotta go eat lunch and I will be back with some more eye candy!

1 comment:

Vicki W said...

That's very cool! Are you waiting until May to deliver all of them or will you be making interim deliveries? I can't imagine trying to store 400 quilts in my house!