Tuesday, October 21, 2008

QOV Tops quilted

Here are a few Tops that have been quilted. The top Rail fence I quilted and I even made the backing for it. My Mom sewed the top.. For the back - I used Marys Off Center Backing

The other hanging Rail fence was made by Laurel at the Livermore Church Quilters , the one under it was sewn by Audry. She is a very prolific Livermore Church quilter! I sent both of these to my friend Lisa in NC to quilt. And she did a great job. I really appreciated the help. Tonite they are off to be bound by a sweet gal in my quilt guild! ( teamwork!! Gotta love it!!)
Have Great day!
Ours is rather foggy and I hear rumors that snow may be flying by tonite. Which totally makes sense... I had to give up and take my truck to the mechanic to see if he can figure out why it won't start when its cold. Truthfully - I think it just wants to sleep in, and if everyone would change there schedules around my trucks desire to start - it would make everyone happy!! See ya!

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Mary Johnson said...

I continue to be impressed with your progress...these look great as do all the other quilts posted and how nice that you're getting help quilting them. I've got another on from Marianne that I'll quilt this month and then I'll send you both of the ones she pieced.