Monday, October 20, 2008

Janet M in Colorado

My Nieghbor to the south - and a wonderful wonderful Machine Quilter sent these 3 quilts for QOV's. I hope the pictures do justice to the quilting. I think you can click on the picture and see it even larger.

This first one was in the Colorado State Fair and it won a ribbon! It is really pretty!

The next two were made for MQS. What talent! I, of course, had them hanging in my dining room for a minute ( okay a day) so I could take pictures and a friend came over. I had to check her bags on the way out - she was trying to "borrow" them ;-)

Hope you all are having a great day. I got a fair amount of quilting done - so I am happy.... now its off to chase kids for a while ;-)

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Vicki W said...

What great contributions to the cause!