Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Blindigo Monochromatic Challenge

Blindigo  = Indigo + Blue

So this is my Two-fer
June was Indigo - July was Blue

Info on the quilt:
Pattern: Designed by Cherri House
Name: City Tracks
In the Book:  City Quilts
Block Size 6 x 6
Total size of my quilt: 42 x 57

And here are two loves in my life:

Little bit and his puppy had a dog show and he did a great job. The only problem with small dogs is that they are closer to the ground, and the ground just has the most interesting smells on it, and the big dogs look more towards the judge, cuz they are farther from all the interesting smells. 

But is was fun to watch him - they did great!

For more Monochromatic challenge quilts go ti


swooze said...

I love blindigo. It turned out great!

kwiltnkats said...

Congrats to Little Bit and his puppy! Cute post. Blindigo is a smart name. Bring on the PINK! Sandi

carol fun said...

Love the quilt - so pretty! And congratulations to Little Bit & his buddy - -they both look so sweet!

Amy said...

LOVE the Blindigo! Who said some bright blues and indigos shouldn't "go" together? Psht! ;0)

Very eye-catching!
I really need to get motivated on some finishes so they can make their way to you!

Katie Z. said...

Very cute

SpinningStar said...

Cute quilt and the little ones are even cuter!


Pat R. said...

Love that quilt!!...and, way to go, Little Bit and pup!!