Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Snow Snow and More Snow

Well We needed moisture, the pastures needed moisture, but I really didn't expect we would ever get this much snow. When the temps are in the 30's its a blast, but with the wind and biting cold, last week we were a "Leeeetle" crabby. Saturday evening we came home to 2 more inches of snow, and Sunday it dropped another 6 inches on us. Now we already have drifts of 4-6 feet eveywhere. Driving down our road feels like a tunnel. From a formerly warm land person this is amazing to me.

My Car had been snowed in, and 2 weekends ago DH managed to dig it out, so the hole that it left we used as a walkway. Well Saturday the walkway was no more, the wind blew it shut. We have been trying to keep it shoveled - but it has gone from 7 feet wide to 2 feet wide....Where my DH is standing used to be where my car was stuck.

Warmer weather is predicted this week - but can all this snow melt in 40 deg weather? And how long will it take - days, weeks? My oldest son predicts a month..... hmmm

Hope everyone stays warm! School was cancelled today as many of the roads are blown shut, so we are busy playing, sewing and playing some more ;-)

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