Sunday, January 21, 2007

4 patch Quilt of Valor

We have been working as subcontractors ;-) We were sent some great 4 Patch blocks from Marianne and we got them put together into a top. I have some Navy Blue in my bucket and the kids thought that would make a nice border. So it is on it! I washed and pressed some muslin - so will be putting the backing together soon and will get it quilted. I see a Flurry of Angels type quilting on it - so will see what everyone else thinks . We learned a lot about 1/4 inch seams!!

On a not quilty note - we are getting plowed with snow again!!! I think another 6 inches has fallen since just last nite - and my lane had been plowed so nicely! Ah well - I will just think of the green grass and pastures we will have in the spring! Oops - I just looked out the window - dh has the truck stuck - I gues I shall go volunteer my super woman powers - maybe I'll bring him a piece of chocolate while I watch him dig out LOL


Anonymous said...

I saw your note on MQP. What a wonderful story and the quilt is going to be lovely! Can't wait to see the others too!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful quilt. Great job with the kids. You are an inspiration!