Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Grammy Ida

This is our beloved Grammy Ida - she is my husband Gramma, and we love her. She is pictured here with my boys. We were at Thanksgiving in Thermopolis WY.
She made it thru the New Year and passed peacefully in the night on January 1st. She will be missed. Her husband is in heaven waiting for her, and I am sure it will be a joyous reunion.
She is my Gramma in law, so I have only had the priveledge of knowing her for a dozen or so years. But the stories that have circulated - this woman was an amazing person!
She and her husband were the Bullwhackers that led a team of oxen on a 4200 mile trip opening the Hwy US 40. She was 21 and newly married.
Joe and Ida May ranched in the Douglas WY area, and she told me of a failed water well. So instead of having water easily accessible, she hauled water from a neighboring ranch to take care of her family. 3 little kids and the ranch - she is quite the woman!. AND they did not have disposible diapers back then!!
We will miss her a lot. I loved the stories she told, and the way she loved my kids.

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Sweet P said...

Grammy Ida sounds like truly extraordinary woman. You were blessed to have met her.