Thursday, January 04, 2007

Red & White Quilt of Valor

Whooo hoo - one of my January goals was to get this Quilt of Valor bound and mailed out. Well as many of you know my absolute least favorite part of quilting is putting on the binding. Its really not that hard, and really doesn't take all that long - especially as I machine sew both sides - however it is still my least favorite part. I find I make many U F O's this way. My resolution this year is to finish those quilts to the bitter end LOL - I only have 2 more quilts left to bind in my U F O pile, so if I stay focused I should be able to do this right??? Right - oh yeah....

We are still snowy here in Colorado. Since we need 4WD to get up and down the lane - DH gets the truck and the kids and I get to stay home. This has really helped me to get stuff done, and not be stressed about it. Too bad school starts Monday, and we have a funeral to go to in between. Oh well - I can't get too lazy now can I? This is my little car - stuck up by the house - It is snowed in and I think it might be retired for the winter. Maybe I will commandeer the Pick up and make DH walk some where!!

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Sweet P said...

I love the red and white color. It is truly stunning. If postage wasn't so expensive I'd offer to help you on your binding. I love to do binding.

On the snow side - I wish you could some to New England. I heard Colorado is getting another 8 inches. We have rain here.