Friday, June 22, 2007

Fathers Day

See - I am catching up. Who knew you could be even busier in the summer than in the winter? But its a lot of fun.
Fathers day was a nice sunny day here in CO - it was 102 where we live, so we headed up to the mountains to go fishing. It was a lot of fun, and we caught 4 trout. The two little guys were given instructions not to get soaked, I wonder why we even thought about that - they didn't last 15 minutes before they were soaked - clear thru to the socks. But they had fun and I laughed.... Good thing I had an extra blanket in the truck - they needed to sit on it for our ride home. There is a store - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and of course our truck led us there - the truck was feeling the need for some chocolate so we all obliged!
We ate our fish on Monday night and they were pretty good. We BBQ'd them.
Have a quilty day!


swooze said...

I wonder if you told them they had to get wet that reverse logic would have worked.....somehow....I think not!

Judy said...

Alycia, my goodness! You have been busy - fishing, swimming, new quilts, pampering the pup and of course, all the normal things. All I can say is enjoy it all - it goes sooo fast. I miss seeing the mountains out your way and I know Michael really misses them a lot more.

Samantha said...

Hasn't the weather here been just crazy hot? UGH! Looks like you had a fun, if wet, father's day!