Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Fishing Vacation

We had a successfull fishing vacation! We took 10 days and traveled north. It was a blast. We went to the town where my Grandfather grew up and got to see his house - built in 1915 but him, ( he was 12), his father and his grandfather. It was awesome. The man who owns the farm now has kept the house in as close to original condition as he can - it was neat to see the tile that my great great grandfather used in building the fire place.

This is the boys at the water pump that has been there since 1915.
We spent days at the lake fishing - both from a boat - a brand new experience for my boys, and from the shore. The shore proved more successful in number of fish caught. The big whopper was caught by my oldest son. It was 3.57 pounds and I can't remember how long, it was a white bass. They are somwhat difficult to reel in - they fight rater hard and since they are like a plate they resist a lot of water!

We also took a drive to the International Peace Gardens - so we got to jump into Canada and back. Our trip back home found us at Mount Rushmore, and of course - I found a quilt shop, and since it was only 4 miles out of the way they let me go - and didn't even rush me thru the 6000 bolt shop!!!

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Quilter Kathy said...

6,000 bolts!??! What did you buy?!?!