Thursday, September 11, 2014

Still looking for Moose

I am determined that there is a Moose for me to see somewhere in all of these woods!!  So I drug my family to another wilderness area... good thing they are easily persuaded to hike!

After mile two - I found a tree monster! He reached out and grabbed me and I was sure he was going to show me a Moose... alas - he just laughed when I tripped over my own shoe.

And then I saw where the Moose had rubbed his head.... he must have been large - both trees had rubbings!!

And we found his... well.... his scat ( he was at least a little discreet)

About Mile five - we met this cute little thing. Just so you know - I did yell Moose and make everyone stop. But then they laughed at me. Cuz he was such a tiny little "Not Moose".

at Mile eight - we encountered..... *the Grinch* - oh come on - you see him too! I know you do!!

But alas - no Moose... foiled again.... No worries..... I'll be back!  ( that may be two movie references at once - crazy!)

On a more serious note - please hug your loved ones today. This day holds a lot of memories for many, and things we can't even imagine. I know it changed they way I saw my life going.  Hugs to you all, my friends.


Lara B. said...

Alycia, you and your moose search are so funny! I sort of see a Grinch if I scrunch my eyes up. Looks more like a green Simba to me though.

Today is always an ache when remembering those terrible attacks. Yes, definitely hug your loved ones!

Sherrill said...

I will always remember today vividly. My DH was an air traffic control supervisor and, along with all his co-workers all over the country, had the daunting task of emptying the skies of all aircraft in record time. Sad, sad day!

LizA. said...

I never would have recognized the bare spot on that tree trunk as a place where a moose rubbed its can I ever forget the events of that awful morning? I was born and raised 1 hour north of NYC and I can still remember when they opened the Towers......13 years ago I was glued to the tv and kept watching it over and over. This year I had to turn the tv off and walk away -- it was just too much for me.