Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Small Business Saturday drew me to Downtown Greeley.  There is a little Quilt Shop called Sew Downtown and it's right across from the Rio - and close to the Nerd Store.... there is something for everyone.... So!! We all headed out.

I still couldn't talk much - but could get one or two sentences out before I went mute again...

I decided we should stop at the Post Office on our way in.... and then maybe make a run to the Laundromat to wash some quilts on the way home.

Check this out:

Those are the boxes/block packages we picked up!
the 4  COUNT em FOUR bolts of fabric I purchased ( all for QOV backings)
1 bag of kid laundry and 3 bags of Quilts of Valor to wash!!
Crowded car eh?

After finding my fabric we went walking...
To the Rio to eat yummy mexican food ....

and then around the corner - in the alley we found:

My men ( minus one)

There were cows!
We cracked up - you leave the country to go to the city and bam
it follows you!!

Aren't they cute?

And then I had to go home and unload - wow!


tealeafquilts said...

You were a busy lady. I still have quilt blocks to send you. I'm thinking over the Christmas Holiday to thoroughly clean my room. Providing, I don't have much business but you never know. Fifth grandchild is due in early January. He/She was a real surprise to us. Carol

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You may need a bigger car! :)
Would it be a bad thing to get blocks for the block drive in late? I need to get my act together for Christmas before I work on the blocks.

LizA. said...

Wow! Love the cows and great score for the backing fabrics. I still only have partial voice back too....and then I went and spent almost an hour FaceTiming with my old quilting group---you guessed it, wore what little voice I had out......that and the darn cough.....

Kate said...

Where did you put the guys after picking up all the rest?