Wednesday, December 31, 2014

QOV 2014 - the last one

 Ahhhh... the last Quilt of Valor show for this year.... I hope you have enjoyed all the variety that these Awesome Quilters make!! And I hope you have enjoyed seeing just a few of the smiling faces that are the Quilt recipients.  In Colorado alone we have presented over 800 quilts - closer to 900 - but I am tallying numbers for an exact total next week.   Nationwide - I know that number is huge for 2014 - all of us QOV'ers .....we deserve a pat on the back.... so here is your Pat *pat pat pat*  And THANK YOU!!!

From the Pride City Quilt Guild

From the Scrappy Ladies

From the Pueblo West Quilters

From Cindy at RMQM

Sharon M in Alamosa CO

Pride City Quilt Guild - the awesome Pillowcase makers

Kathie S from Arapahoe Quilt Guild

Kathie S from Arapahoe County Quilt Guild

From Arapahoe County Quilt Guild

 And now for a few more smiles:

Happy New Year!!!  
We are having a great time planning our Wish List for the coming year.
And seeing what we got accomplished from this years list!


Michele said...

Congrats on a very successful year.

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Almost 900 quilts just this year?? That is amazingly awesome!! Virtual high five and major pat on the back :)

Miss Carol said...

Thank you for all you do for the deserving Men and Women of our Armed Forces. I hope to be sending more quilts and cases in 2015!!!

Vicki W said...

Well done! My goal is to get 2 more done this the mystery quilt too!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Way to go Colorado QOV and QOV'ers nationwide! Proud to be a part of all of this! Great work Alycia! Happy New Year!

phxquilt said...

What a great success story you and quilty buddies are! Congrats and thank you from all of us who follow you.

Pat R said...

What a great year! I'm proud to be a small part of this QOV organization!

Terri said...

I love the year ending with smiles.
Hugs and Happy New Year

PeeWee said...

It was a pleasure to participate this past year with Amador Valley Quilters. I also made a "Quilt of Honor" for a mother of a soldier who was killed when my son was injured. Individual stars were signed by members of his unit. A very moving experience.

Karen said...

Beautiful quilts. Another awesome year of thanks to our vets. You do amazing things. May 2015 be another awesome year.

Kate said...

Congrats on such a great year. Hoping that 2015 is even better!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, as always. Happy New Year to you Alycia. The quilt show was great. So many pretty colorful ones and the smiles are heart warming to see. I thank you very much for all you do for QOVF, and wish you the very best for 2015.

Anonymous said...

Those are great! I make tops for American Hero Quilts, which is sort of a part of QOV these days - gets counted with them now, anyway. I've been doing that since 2005 - wow, almost ten years! It's amazing what beautiful quilts are made for the vets. TN quilters just did all the medal of honor winners at the Medal of Honor conference here a few months ago - awesome quilts!