Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 7/30

Good Wednesday Morning.....  ( it is Wednesday right?)

We had such a great week with County Fair and all the events that go on there... we are slowly catching up. Huge rainstorms, and power outages ... do not help... just letting you know ( grin)

The most important things first.... QUILT SHOW!!!

There is an awesome Quilt Guild - called Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters - over in Fort Collins. They do FABULOUS work, and they chose Quilts of Valor to be a philanthropy for the guild....

And here are the results:

This is a Quilt from Marilyn W of Loveland!

Another one Pieced and Quilted by Marilyn. Marilyn is such an awesome quilter!! I love the colors she uses!

This is a third one from Marilyn. I tell you that girl is good!!!

This one was pieced and quilted by Tae. Tae was so sweet to meet. She is a fabulous quilter - and had such fun with this one. I like it!!

Smiles!!!- This quilt is one that was made from The Machine Quilters Exposition QOV block drive. Check out their website - they are doing another block drive - and the blocks are gorgeous!!
The quilt above was made by Cathy at - She was tickled to see her quilt chosed ;-)

Nancy H is another prolific Quilt of Valor quilter! She has a fabulous Quilt Cave... I loved it there.
Isn't this quilt cool? The boys loved that you could go from each side and get a different look.

Another quilted and pieced by Nancy. I think this would be a great use for all of my small strrips!!

Another Cool one. See this is a different angle ( also a different quilt, but same idea) and it gives you a different perspective. Nancy did such a great job!!

Another smile. As I talk to the troops I tell them about how our quilts are made and how fabrics/patterns etc speak to us. I always tell them I hope a Quilt of Valor will speak to them.  This gal... she said this one was yelling at her  "pick me!"  and she couldn't wait to wrap up in it.  As a matter of fact we finished the commander brief with her wrapped in her quilt ;-)

This one is piece by LeeAnn of Wyoming  ( she drives all the way inot Ft Collins for this guild - it is THAT fabulous!)  it was quilted by Tae....

Check out the back!!! Another quilt itself!!

The last one for Today's Show - from Nancy. I love how changing the center block changes the effect of the quilt!!!

You all - I have a lot of emails that have piled up while we were out, and a few questions in comments with no reply bloggers... I don't want to muddle the quilt show - so will answer the comment questions tomorrow - and will do my best to get emails answered today.... at least until we lose power again ;-)

Have a Quilty day!!


Kat Scribner said...

Great show, Alycia. Lots of inspiration.

Elaine Adair said...

Whew - another fantastic bunch of quilts!! all beauties.

Impera Magna said...

Beautiful quilts... and inspiring as well! As always, love seeing heroes with their newly presented quilts.

Vicki W said...

These are all fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I love all these beautiful quilts. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks a million for the quilt shows.

Kate said...

Such gorgeous quilts, it's no wonder they produce those gorgeous smiles.