Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th Of July

Independence Day!!

I thought it would be appropriate to show you a Quilt of Valor today!!

This one was paper pieced blocks that were donated. Harriet ( my dear Harriet) took them and finished them up, and made this into this awesome quilt.

I quilted it and had a great time. No - it is not perfect... but you won't judge me right?

This is George Washington

The Liberty Bell

An eagle

The back... because that is always fun!

These designs came from MeadowLyon - I printed them off and then used them like a panto. Too much fun!

Hope you have a fantastic day!! Enjoy celebrating our great nation!

Your cool photo of the day... yes there is still snow is a few spots in the high country ;-)


Kate said...

Happy 4th of July to you and yours. The quilting turned out beautifully. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

Patti said...

As I'm struggling to learn how to produce a good looking simple panto pattern, I give you kudos for doing such a complicated panto!

Melinda said...

Oh my, the quilting is awesome. So, did you quilt some of the quilt from the back of the machine (the pantos) and some from the front (the large stars)?

Terri said...

Wonderful quilt... after looking at the stars, there are other symbols to see in the quilting. Great job!

LizA. said...

Love your quilting in the red blocks--very cool. Can I stick my hot, bare feet in that pile of snow?