Sunday, December 18, 2011

A quilt from Judy

Judy is another great quilter. She lives down south of me - I always get the city wrong, but oh well - that is why you NEVER ask me for directions. I always gets where I need to be, but can't tell you how I got there..... 

Anyways - check this beautiful quilt out....

and of course - the back - gorgeous too!
So!  Judy makes and quilts this quilt, and gets it to her daughter - who lives to the west of me. So when I go to town to get some food for my starving children, who NEVER get full, we stop at Lynns house. Of course, she invites me in to see the new works of art that Judy has made. 

Immediately I am jealous!!!  Judy make these convergent quilts ( I am pretty sure thats what she called them) and they are green and with gardens showing thru the green strips - absolutely stunning.... and the worse part? Lynn said they weren't for me *sigh*  

But I did get to love on the Quilt of Valor for a minute or two - so I was better.... Thanks Judy!!!

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The Thompsons said...

I LOVE the flag in the center of the back!