Thursday, December 29, 2011

Adopting a Unit

One of the guys that I worked with was deployed a month ago, and he decided that it would be great if I adopted him and his guys while they are overseas!! And of course, how can one say no.

Our small little 4H group loves to do community service, so I thought I would ask them if they wanted to help make some things for the guys.... they are so awesome! We filled 2 USPS/APO boxes of goodies... and made these ....

Those fleece tied Blankets 

I love my Joanns coupons!!

Even the dads joined in - they are a great work crew!!

And everyone had a chance to tie them up

We made 3 blankets total to send !  And of course, had to try them out first!!

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The Thompsons said...

What an awesome project for the girls :)