Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Quilts from Laura

Laura sent these Quilts of Valor to be sent to there forever home ( okay - this phrase *forever home* was stolen from Pat at BellCreekQuilts - but it also reminds my of my cousin and her girls. The 3 girls that they adopted, they always referred to it as finding their forever homes.... so it hit home with me!)

So let me show you these. I know that the ladies that recieve the first three of these quilts are going to just love them.  When I saw the glimpses of color - I thought - wow - How does Laura know me LOL???

Purple and Pink!! I think this is a dissappearing 9 patch style quilt with some solid blocks in there.

This one is a tumbling block ( okay I drew a blank and had to ask Wrangler Man, he bought me the die for my AccuQuilt Go for my birthday.... I have about 80 cut now!)

And a Braid Quilt

And then this Flying Geese one. I think it can go to a male of female - its pretty neutral colors. Isn't it cool?

Laura is a http://www.patchworktimes.com/ reader and sent these in to help! I so appreciate it Laura!!!

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Cheryl Willis said...

All look great! Love the Braid setting, way to take it up a notch. Those tumblers make for a nice top, you better get to using your die!