Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quilted by Sister Sue

Sue is a longarm quilter/pharmacist in Lyons and I have adopted her. She just doesn't seem to know it yet..... her sister is in my quilt guild, so I don't understan why I can't be her sister too.... I mean... I do bring chocolate to our sew days...... *sigh*

So these 4 quilts were quilted by her. The top one is a signature String quilt that I put together. The strings blocks were signed at various quilt shows, at different presentations that I do ( about quilts of valor) and at the guilds I speak at ( again about QOV's)

The three after that were made by the Miracles group in Denver. This is a therapy group headed by my friend Jessica. I love her... she is my other sister...  I am going to need a bigger table at Christmas huh?

This next one reminds of the Gees' bend type huh!

Check out the back on this one!

Thank you to the Miracles quilt makers and to Sue for quilting all of these. I sure appreciate the help!


Nancy said...

Ooooh, I love all of them. You must have a great time unpacking the boxes and seeing all of these beautiful quilts.

Pat R. said...

These are awesome!!