Thursday, December 08, 2011

Quilts from June

These two beautiful Quilts of Valor come from June in IL.

Just so you know - I blame a lot of these quilts for my desire to buy more fabrics.
These fabrics in this quilt just sing to me, I hugged the quilt a few times to make sure it was me they were singing to..... I think it was!!

This is the backing. Don't you NEED some of this fabric? My mothers Grandfather lived with them for a while and he wrote music - I don't know why - but this fabric reminds me of her stories of him

And check this out - another tumbler. I have the die, I have pieces cut out, but I don't know if mine will look like this - its beautiful

And the back - or maybe this is the front and the tumbler is the back? Either way - I hugged it too.... It needed my love - I could tell....... *sigh*

Thank you June - these are truly lovely and will be greatly cherished!!


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Nancy said...

It's hard to pick a favorite from these - they are all wonderful. Nice job, June