Friday, December 30, 2011

Quilts from Amelia Island Quilt Guild

Gail and the guild made some wonderful Quilts of Valor over in Florida - and sent 5 of them this way to help out our pantry needs. I so appreciate that!!

So check out these beauties:

Do you ever wonder how blogger sees these images? In my computer this is NOT upside down!!  Don't you LOVE the star appliques!!!

I LIKE this one!!! I love the diamonds!!
And the next picture is the back of it.

This one is pretty cool huh? It is all in the setting of the blocks!

I am guessing that this quilt is made from the moda just one star pattern?  it has a lot of signatures on the stars too!  And the back.... I want that fabric!!

And the last one. I kind of fell in love with the border fabric... wonder why?

Thank you SO much Amelia Island Quilt Guild!!!


Cheryl Willis said...

Great Job everyone! cw

Nancy said...

What a wonderful selection of quilts.

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