Monday, December 05, 2011

Design Wall and Orca Bay progress

Not as much sewing got done as I had wished, but we sure had a lot of fun this week. Two of the boys and I got to go Ice Skating, we all got to go swimming, and there was some snow - so there was some sledding....

Hot chocolate is really the best way to enjoy ice skating. The boys really skated, I went around a few times, then decided I needed a hot beverage ;-)

See our snow weeds?  The wind blew the tumble weeds and before we had a chance to remove them - the snow came - gotta LOVE winter!!!

Here is some of the progress of Clue #3 Orca Bay - going on over at
This is the 120 blocks I finished Friday Night. I was determined to get *something* done!

And proving I didn't give up - more strips!

There's 10 more ironed and 50 waiting to go, but I got tired, and the couch called my name..

See the sledding? Wrangler Man had a few fences to check, so the boys volunteered to go help. I think the boys had a plan in mind, because I have NEVER seen them volunteer so quickly to do work before.... They must have had this sledding planned!

As I got ready to lay out my Jacobs Ladder for my design floor - I met with some resistance. Something had taken over my design floor... they are tough to move!

So here are my 6 Jacobs Ladder blocks done - for the Quilt a long Going on over at   maybe next week I can have them all layed out and see how many I have made. 

To see other design walls go to

To see more Orca Bay progress go to


Mary said...

You are making great progress on your JL blocks. It makes me cold just looking at your pictures!

Candace said...

It looks very cold there, but your living room looks very cozy with the Christmas tree. Looks like you've got the Orca Bay HSTs under control.

Unknown said...

Seeing your snow pics makes me glad I live in England.
Your Jacob's Ladder blocks are stunning. I need to have a look at the blog.

~Niki~ said...

wow, that snow is amazing! we don't get snow here in AZ where i live, but up north AZ they do, and today they are getting it again!
stay warm!

Melanie said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of your snow and sledding! Hopefully soon!

Looks like you are making great progress on your quilty projects!

Sue Daurio said...

Ice skating, swimming, sledding and sewing all in one weekend? Does it get any better than that? I don't think so. Your blocks look great. I'm still waiting for snow here in the Chicagoland area.

scraphappy said...

Glad you made some progress on Orca bay, though it seems like there was lots of fun calling you away. No worries, plenty of time before the next clue is due. The snow may not last, but the fabric will wait patiently. Have fun!

Pattilou said...

Brrr! As cold as it's been here, I'm sure you've got the same, but the boys I'm sure don't mind and always looking for something fun to do. Love your cozy family room and tree.

karen said...

Well you certainly accomplished alot Friday! loved your use of cheddar with the plaids.