Friday, December 30, 2011

Quilts of Valor from Pat

Pat in Wisconsin sent me these two beautiful Quilts of Valor. And I have to say - I LOVE her work!! I wish I could think like her sometimes!!  

This first quilt is from Terry Atkinsons Minnesota Hot Dish pattern.... its on my to do list too. I think I even have fabric next to the book... but don't tell anyone... it won't get done this year!

This brick one was drooled over a little bit in my house!!  I have all boys - remember? They are my testing unit to see if a quilt is too feminine or not. ( Not that I had to test this one!) But they saw it on the floor ready to post for pictures.... and they all wanted it!!

Check out the back!!!!

Thank you Pat!!! You all want to check out her other work go to  - tell I sent ya!!


Nancy said...

Beautiful quits, Pat

Pat said...

Thanks! and I, too was worried that the bricks was a little too girly...but I figured that girls get QOV's too :)