Monday, December 26, 2011

Design wall Monday Dec 26th

I don't have much on my design floor, as it has been inhabited by Boys!!! Lots of Boys!! Boys doing fun things, and playing Madden Wii Football, and opening presents, and wrestling.  5 boys between 16 and 10 take up a lot of space ;-)

But here is what I have been working on:  Step 5 of orca Bay. And truthfully - I thought I was done with these units looking just like this... and got ready to move on, and something in my brain said.... look again...
Glad I looked again, because if I had left them like this... who know. So I am working on adding the other side to them now.

Fred came back to visit us yesterday. Fred is our resident eagle, He dive bombs our house and thinks its funny to see us all come running... 
See all the boys? After they got tired of in the house...we went out!! To the sledding hill. Grandma gave the cousins the toboggan from the days of old, and they brought it. Oh man - does it run!!!

Two to the toboggan!!!

Then the hill got boring, so they tied onto the 4Wheeler.... the 5th child was out there for a while, then decided he would rather ride... so he is hiding behind wrangler man.

Hope you all had a great Christmas day.

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marcella said...

This toboggans look fun! Having all those boys home is definitely a fun distraction from quilting. Glad you saw the missing triangle before everything got marked as done and put aside. Looks like you're doing great keeping up with the mystery.