Friday, May 02, 2014

Almost finished

Welcome to Finished Friday - the Almost Finished edition ;-)

My Churn-dash's!
This originally started out as a way to make a few blocks, see how I liked making them... and Make a few purple scraps in the process.  April's RSC color was purple - and yes - I had yardage of purple.... but alas - no scraps.    ( I had already used them up Here  )

I made a few blocks and was ready to make it into a top - when along came Wrangler Man and said make more!

And so I made more.... and then I realized the Colors were so varied. The boys and I worked on rearranging them, and I was ready to put it into a top ( photo below is not the rearranged edition - i forgot that photo!!)   I had used up all the scraps into my Purple Heart block, and I even had made a few framed 9 patches with the leftovers.... I was ON A ROLL I tell you. Big ego boost all around.

And in came Wrangler Man and his math ( dumb math) and he says:
"That is not big enough to keep me warm"

And so... out of the goodness of my heart,,, and the promise of chocolate
I made more blocks

And Last night he said - 
Go ahead - put it into a top, but ADD a border ! 

Sometimes it is NOT in your best interested to try to educate your family about your passion... and sometimes - they really do listen!

Now I need to finish up the new scraps that I made, into a few more Framed 9 patches and 
I ! WILL! BE!  DONE!  with Purple for April.

PS - the color value of this quilt sure has changed a long the way

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Shauna said...

love it, the value has changed, but I think it is even cooler now

Lisa J. said...

I love that your family helped you arrange the blocks. Most of the time my family ignores my quilting. I like all the different ranges of colour in the quilt....much nicer than using all the same fabric.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I always find it funny what quilts my family likes compared to what I like. You just never know!

Terri said...

I like the variety... it's more interesting with the increased values.

Snowcatcher said...

To me, the coolest thing is that the Wrangler likes it enough to claim it before you even finish it. That would make my toes tingle! Love that the boys helped arrange the blocks, too!

Andee said...

I love it when the whole family gets involved in the layout!

scraphappy said...

It is sweet when they take an interest, but lots easier when they don't. Great quilt came out of the process though, so enjoy!

Missy Shay said...

I've had similar conversations with my husband - LOL. One time he had me out two borders on a throw!

Anonymous said...

You are an enjoyable writer! Love your Wrangler man input, and I hope you got lots of chocolate! Men always want the quilts bigger, don't they.

Kate said...

On the one hand it's nice when Your Guy likes something. On the other it can mean changing your vision. Of course I have the same problem with DT.

Lisa C said...

Sounds like my husband! He does not grasp the concept of me talking to myself! When I ask a question (to myself) about a color change or size or layout -- he always has an opinion. Which is probably a good thing!

Tami C said...

I usually ask my husband about color choices and layout. He's got a good I that I really appreciate! You are doing a great job on your churn dash blocks!