Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Today! Is the last day of school

Tomorrow! I will be organized ( don't die from laughter!)

As I am trekking all over the place all these yummy quilts come into my mind, and I compose these great posts - and then we have to do chores, and feed people, and start the day all over again... and I forget my amazing blog posts *sigh*

I have also been quilting ( machine quilting) like crazy - I! LOVE! It!!   Graduations quilts, wall hangings, new king size bed quilts - it is wonderful.... the more time you spend at the quilting machine... the less time online...  but you still compose things in your head!

Random #1 -My boys are not this young anymore... but I am still 29 ! I love math!

Randomness #2 - one of my favorite places to be:

Randomness #3 - Quilt top pieced By Barb W - Quilted by me.
I am in a Panto Phase.... Look up in the top right corner.... There is a DEAL!!!.. if you like edge 2 edge's and pantos... you love this deal!!!

Randomness #4 - My boys... this is more their size now... without the snow ( finally!)

Randomness #5 - Wrangler Man has forced all of us into getting up every day at 5:30 am - I think we will never sleep in again....

Randomness #6 -I may or may not have started a new project with these fabrics.....

Enjoy your Tuesday - Come back tomorrow for the QOV show - THAT I am organized for !!


swooze said...


TLC said...

Randomness is great! And you're only 29! ;-D The DH thinks he can trade me in on 3 girls @ 18 years old on my birthday! Honestly, (shh) I don't think he could handle 3 girls @ 18 years old.

Terri said...

Love those cute little randomnesses... Mine are now in their forties! How is that possible when I'm still 29? That's my kind of math, too.

scraphappy said...

Congratulations on the last day of school!!! Enjoy the shift into summer. 6 more days for us, not that anyone is counting of course. Love the now and then shots of your boys. They get big SO fast.

Allison said...

that is an interesting stack of fabrics you have there - I love the doughnuts :)

Kate said...

Lots of fun randomness. It's amazing how fast those kids grow up. After tomorrow, I'll have a high school sophomore. How does that happen?

Great quilting. I tend to like pantos more than I do custom quilting. Maybe it's just that my quilts are panto kind of quilts?

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

How fun to read about your randomness!! The pantos looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Linky Tuesday! Freemotion by the River