Monday, May 05, 2014


My word for the year was UTILIZE - and this weekend.... It came to the test!!

You know those weekends that are totally packed from the second you wake up until Sunday night?  This was one of them!! ( and remember we are one kid short right now lol)

I still Utilized my time and ta da...

Check out this fabric. I think it is reminiscent of a different era?

back in a time when fabrics actually came in 36 inch widths. Remember that?  The patterns (clothing) would be written for either 36 inch or 45 inch width fabrics?  I remember shopping with my Grandma and trying to determine who's patterns would fit on which width fabrics.  - she made PJ's for everyone for Christmas!

Anyways - this is what I have pieced. so far. And I think I am done.

Or maybe not - it may need a border - so we are testing it for a second.
I would love to tell you this is my original Design - but It is not. I got my Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine and there is a pattern in there that just caught my eye. I changed it up just a tiny bit - and this is my Version.

What do you think? Border or no Border?  Little Bit likes the border... I am starting to believe in his design eye. You should see some of this drawings ;-)

And speaking of Little Bit - he had a pig show this weekend!

And then Middle Bit - he got put up for auction!!  I didn't get a photo of it, as I was too worried about who was bidding on him!  The whole group of FFA kids were auctioned off as a fundraiser - it was crazy!

We didn't get home until late - and Middle bit had to be back at the school for another event on Sunday... Crazy I tell you!

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PS!!!! Mark your Calendars for THIS THURSDAY and make sure you come back to the blog.... I PROMISE you won't want to miss it!!


Melinda said...

Middle bit got auctioned off to do what? Date, Slave labor, Track coach,
Ranch hand? :)
I like the top the way it is - no border.

Heather @ Bobbins and Bullets said...

I think that fabric is very cool, and the design you choose is perfect to show off some fabric! Thanks for linking up to Anything Goes Monday!

Chris said...

Good use of the fabric. I don't know that I could have come up with something as nice :)

Terri said...

Is that the same Farmer from last year? Seems he grew too much for just one year. (What are you feeding him?)

Kate said...

I like the border. Fun fabric! I love that bright green in it.

With the end of school coming up, I'm hoping that those kind of "too busy" weekends die down for a couple of months.