Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 May ;-)

Today's QOV show has a LOT of quilty Goodness!! I just can not believe how much these beautiful quilts can make a heart sing!!

Are you ready?  Do you have your coffee/Dr. Pepper ready?  A little snack?

He was trying to hold back his smile... really - but There was one showing anyways!!

These photos are some of our wounded warriors as they are recovering ;-)

So the next 6 quilts are all pieced by Meredith in AZ.  Meredith keeps me on my toes !!

Ron O in NM quilted these quilts - see how he puts an American Emblem in them?  I want to do that!

 I love the backing fabrics too - so cool and collected!

The photo below is one of Meredith's Quilts too!
This gal ( a helicopter pilot) was so tickled to pick this one!

Another Batik Beauty from Meredith

Check out this eagle!!  In case you didn't know... I kinda like eagles - we have had a few here at the house!

The next 4 Quilts come from the Amelia Island Quilters!  They had a fabulous Quilt show and wonderful quilts! Some of them were these 4 Quilts of Valor!

These Panels have been very popular with our guys and gals. And of course I love seeing the different ways they can be used.

This one looks scrappy - but I think it was really planned. I like it!!!

LOVE.... seriously... Love!

See - another Panel quilt. So a little about this warrior - he is Combat Wounded. He wanted everyone to know that. It was important to him, and I am proud of his recovery.  He was SO excited to choose this quilt. It really spoke to him. He said that it was a visual confirmation that others were proud of him for his service, and that he was worth something.  Wow... right?   LOVED his smile!

Don't forget - the fabric requirements are up for the Allegiance Mystery quilt - designed by none other than  Vicki Welsh.  The first clue is coming up soon... so get those fabrics ready!!!


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Just love these posts Alycia! I get teary every time I read them, in a good way :) The smiles are priceless!

Beautiful beautiful quilts!

Kat Scribner said...

Great show, Alycia! Thanks for your
hard work with this mission.

Karol said...

Hi Alycia
Just love, love, all these quilts. Especially the helo pilot's quilt! Batiks are my favorite thing to work with. It's just wonderful what beautiful fabric can do for a simple pattern! Something similar will go on my 'someday' list. :-)

I look forward to your shows every week. Thanks for all your hard work for the project.


Kristi Gabriel said...

So glad this quilt is in great hands and with a great heart!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts and so wonderful to see the smiles they bring to those they cover. Thanks for the inspiration once again, Alycia.

Anonymous said...

Another great quilt "show". Because of your "shows" I joined QOV in my state and am one happy quilter. Rosie

Terri said...

Love the smiles and the quilts. Thanks for sharing them, Alycia.

Andee said...

I know have said it before, but thanks for these posts! Knowing some of the personal stories really makes the making and donating of blocks and quilts so much more meaninful! I promise to make some progress this weekend on my long neglected QOV in progress!

Laura B said...

Some day I want to make a quilt for QOV. These are great!

Lorna McMahon said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful line up of beautiful quilts each week, Alycia. Love the quilted emblems. What a fantastic touch!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts, beautiful smiles. Thanks for sharing.