Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

We have been busy getting the quilt tops that we have made ( a batrillion) out to our wonderful Volunteer Machine Quilters.... and now.... (excited dance) a LOT of them are coming back!!!  It is so fun to see these quilts again!!!

First off - the smiles... oh the smiles!  This particular Veteran was taking a class when I was there. You all would have laughed at how fast he finished his test to come see me!!

Block Drive Quilts!!! This is one that we all put together - and Liz Davis in Thornton quilted it.

Pretty cool huh? It really gives it Movement!

Here is anther one - again quilted by Liz!!

And of course we started working on the Yellow/Blue ones too!I really love this combo! It was also quilted by Liz.

This crazy star quilt was pieced by Adele of Columbine Quilt guild - and quilted by Liz. ( I am SO keeping her!)

Don't you love the piano key border?

This one was pieced By Nancy S in Colorado Springs and Quilted by Liz.

It is called the Not So Top Secret Quilt and can be found under the Free Patterns Page.  It was run as a mystery quilt a few years ago. Please don't make me say how many years ago though please.... I am already feeling old today ;-)

This one was pieced by Irene K of Thornton and Quilted by Liz.  I really like this color combo!  It was such fun to see up close!!

And another Block Drive quilt. Again Quilted by Liz!!  She was one busy quilter recently!!

This twister was pieced by Connie and Kathy and Quilted by Connie N of Colorado area.  I just saw her yesterday = you would think I could remember the exact town... but... I forgot *sigh*   She did a lovely job!
 He said it felt like a Hug from Home.... That will getcha right?  I LOVED that he could feel the hugs!!

This quilt was pieced by my neighbor... see even the locals are not exempt from my harassing!! She had a great time working on it. I chose the colors - she said I did alright ;-)  It was quilted by Jeanette.

She used a panto - Broken Star Maybe?  It was a great match for the quilt!!

This one was pieced by Nancy and quilted by Nancy in Ft Collins. She is part of Rocky Mountain Quilt Guild.  It is beautiful!

The last quilt for today comes from Rocky Mountain Creative quilters too... a group of them worked on it. And it has really cool Military Fabrics in it!

 This was another one taking his class.... The teacher wished he had as much draw as we did ;-)

Hope you all enjoyed today's show!  I love that we can honor our Veterans this way, and that we can give them such a beautiful Tangible Thank you for their service.


KaHolly said...

Your posts are always so inspiring. You all do such a wonderful job. Thank you for being you!

phxquilt said...

Another fantastic show! Hugs & smiles....great combination!

Linda in TX said...

The photo of the soldier wearing the "hug from home" quilt is a quilt I made! It took me a minute when I recognized the envelope I always use for the quilt journal. Then I realized that I'd made THAT quilt! What a thrill to see it and this young man! You made my whole week!!!! Thank you!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Look at all of the beautiful quilts! I love seeing the Veterans receiving them too! Wonderful work Alycia! You are awesome!

Kate said...

Such beautiful quilts. It's wonderful what you and all those who help you do.

Terri said...

Another batch of beautiful quilts, Alycia.

Joanne K. said...

As always, just awesome. The guys wrapped in quilts are so wonderful to see. Keeps me working on QOVs for sure!

Anonymous said...

You are so good about posting your wonderful quilt shows. I love seeing all the neat quilts and their recipients. Keep up the great work you do. Marilyn

Anonymous said...